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Site cabins covers a wide range of needs from simple site storage to offices to canteens, there’s a lot of peripheral requirements that come with any work site. At SRP Hire Solutions we offer a range of different prefabricated cabin units, delivered right to where you need them.
Secure Site Storage
secure site storage

Sometimes tools and equipment just can’t be taken to an offsite location. If you need to keep things on site, then you need to be able to rely on your storage. We offer a range of secure, anti-vandal storage units from 10 to 30 feet in length.

Portable Canteen Units
portable canteen units

Portable canteen facilities offer vital rest, relaxation and eating space. Available in multiple sizes depending on how many people there are working on your site, these flexible canteen units are ideal for providing the shelter and space that’s needed when taking a break.

Portable Office Units

Portable office units provide much needed space and storage for administration, management and coordination of the site. With a selection of different sizes available, you can be sure that your office needs will be met.

Combination Facilities
combination facilities

As well as individual units we are able to provide 50/50 combination facilities to meet your needs. Options include office/canteen units, canteen/store units and canteen/dry room units, we will help you to get the on-site facilities you need within your space allowances.

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